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Embrace Your Superpowers Introduction

Welcome to Your Superhero – Ally Journey!

These are your first 8 Missions to help you become familiar with the core ideas and tools of the Embrace Your Superpowers program

Complete each Mission to unlock the next one!

This content is for Local Superhero, Global Superhero, and Cosmic Superhero members only.
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  1. M01.m01. What They call a 'Disorder', I Call a Superpower!
  2. M01.m02. Meet The Superheroes
  3. M01.m03. What's Your Superpower?
  4. M01.m04. Sidekicks & Supervillains!
  5. M01.m05.Stocking Your Utility Belt
  6. M01.m06. Allies & Building Your Team
  7. M01.m07. Avengers & Defenders Assembled!
  8. M01.m08. Superhero Reveal