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I enjoy connecting with others and sharing ideas, including through keynotes, conference presentations, interviews, op-eds, and in peer reviewed academic journals.

I work globally and welcome the opportunity to share my insight and expertise with your audience.

Links to Select Conference & Speaking Presentations

Diversely Geek Mental Health Conference. Diversely Me Foundation, June 27, 2021  

The Science and Psychology of Fandom, Why it Works!

Panel participant with Neisha T Mulchan, APRN Mental Health, Deb Tedesco, DNP, APRN, Dr. Paula DeFranco, Psychologist, and Ian Douglas, Mental Health Counsellor, CCM.

HEADS UP! Community Mental Health Summit. Fresh Outlook Foundation, November 2020 

Session 2 – Exploring Traditional & Emerging Models of Prevention & Care

(Segment begins at 2 hour 13 minute mark)

Meet mental health researchers and professionals as they talk about traditional care, emerging models of diagnosis and treatment, and the pioneering ways we can help heal ourselves during difficult times. You’ll also learn how to discover and use your own unique mental health superpowers!

FROM STEREOTYPES TO SUPERHEROES: Harnessing Your Mental Health Superpowers (Sharon Blady, PhD, Speak Up Mental Health Advocates/Former Manitoba Minister of Health)


PANEL DISCUSSION: Advancing Traditional & Emerging Models of Prevention & Care (All speakers)

2020 ICAMA-KAS International Conference, BTS: A Paradigm Changer in Martech and/or Innovation. Co-hosted by The Rhizomatic Revolution Review (The R3 Journal) & 아시아마케팅저널 (Asia Marketing Journal), October 30 to November 1, 2020

Session 3 – The Making of an ARMY: Online and Offline Engagement and Community 

October 30, 2020

From N.O to ON and Beyond: BTS’s Journey of Innovation in Mental Health Discourse & Modality Modeling. 

BTS’s mental health messaging and organic modeling of mental health modalities represent innovation within mental health discourse. Most significant is building a peer support community within the group that extends to their fanbase ARMY, from which fan-created mental health programs have emerged.

(Paper published in 아시아마케팅저널 Asia Marketing Journal)

PechaKucha Night – How Comics & K-pop Saved My Life! November 28, 2019

How Comics & K-Pop Saved My Life.

Sharon Blady has been through a lot: in her own words, she has “survived cancer, domestic violence, suicide, and provincial politics.” Enduring these experiences requires real-life superhuman strength, a superpower that she sources from two (maybe unorthodox) places: comics & K-pop.

Listen in as Sharon describes how comics & K-pop have saved her life through several origin stories of her own and how it’s inspired her work as a mental health advocate in this epic 20×20 talk. (20 seconds on each of 20 slides).

Sharon is a comic book geek and academic, who also spent some time as Manitoba’s Minister of Health. An author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and cosplayer, Sharon is likely the only person ever offered a cabinet position while dressed as Nick Fury. Her fandom is now her profession as she shares the fangirl gospel of mental health as a Marvel ‘True Believer’ and BTS ‘Army’ member.

Momondays – Hiding in Plain Sight. May 13, 2019

Hiding in Plain Sight

My mental health diagnoses went undetected for years because my symptoms were useful and viewed positively: they led to my being a successful overachiever. Here’s my story of reframing them as Superpowers and coming out of the shadows!

There are so many ways to

Links to Select Publications

BTS from ‘N.O’ to ‘ON’ and BEyond: Innovation in Effective Mental Health Messaging and Modelling 아시아마케팅저널 (Asia Marketing Journal) 2021, vol.22, no.4 January 2021  

BTS from “N.O” to “ON” and BEyond: Innovation in Effective Mental Health Messaging and Modelling

Over seven years, BTS have organically embedded consistent mental health messaging and modeling of various mental health modalities, representing innovation within mental health discourse, within and outside the pop and K-pop culture and fandom. Their personal and artistic journeys have resulted in songs, imagery, and relationship dynamics within the group and within and between their fans ARMY, that organically model behaviors associated with mental health therapeutic modalities and normalize the discussion of mental health and well-being. This practice is vitally important in the effort to end stigma and encourage mental health well-being and recovery. BTS’s authenticity establishes empathy with their audience ARMY and increases their ability to deliver these messages effectively. BTS’s innovation will be explored by examining content creation throughout their career, illustrating their consistent and organic messaging, culminating in overt and conscious mental health content in their latest album BE, which was released three weeks after the initial paper was presented, and provides proof of concept.

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Superpowering Mental Wellness Spirituality & Health January 2021 
Fight Another Day Stories of Hope January 2021  

Fight Another Day

This is part of a series featuring individuals who share their life experiences with mental health issues. Recently, I asked mental health advocate Sharon Blady about her journey and her current activities. Here’s our interview.

Hidden in plain sight: success, mental health diagnosis, and K-drama connection Empathy Cafe March 12, 2019  

Hidden in plain sight: success, mental health diagnosis, and K-drama connection.

The respectful and sympathetic portrayal of mental health issues provides a reflection of lived experience.

Parliamentarians and Mental Health: A Candid Conversation Canadian Parliamentary Review, Roundtable with Celina Caeser-Chavannes and Lisa McLeod July 18, 2018 

Parliamentarians and Mental Health: A Candid Conversation

In this roundtable, three parliamentarians who have publicly disclosed their mental health conditions came together to talk about their experiences serving as parliamentarians while dealing with mental health conditions. With astonishing candour, they shared their stories and took the opportunity to talk to others in the same unique position about how they’ve persevered during trying times. The participants, while acknowledging the challenges of managing the conditions while in office also spoke of its positive effects in terms of giving them compassion, realism, and great perspective that can be used to excel at aspects of their jobs.

We can’t end Canada’s meth crisis until we recognize our larger mental health crisis CBC News Opinion April 28, 2018 

We can’t end Canada’s meth crisis until we recognize our larger mental health crisis

Manitoba’s former health minister says we must end stigma, reach out to those struggling with addiction.

Manitoba health minister shares her own mental health story CBC News DNTO Interview Feature December 15, 2015  

Manitoba health minister shares her own mental health story

When local artist Reid Bricker went missing while suicidal, it hit close to home. As the person responsible for healthcare and mental health services, it was only natural for me to go public about my lived experience and to partner with his mother Bonnie to make changes to the system.

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